LightStim for Acne Plus


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Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it to energy. LightStem LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. This tool emits a UV-free beneficial light energy to the skin. Each LightStim product uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. When this beneficial light is applied directly to the skin, it treats mild to moderate acne, calms existing breakouts, and restores your skin’s clear and health appearance


How to Use

Place the light gently touching your skin and hold in place for three minutes (If desired, close the eye nearest to the light). Move the light to the next area and repeat until you have treated all desired areas


This device is made in the USA is an FDA cleared to treat mild to moderate acne. Great for adults and teenagers. In numerous clinical studies Blue LED light therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for acne, with no. negative side effects

LightStim Beauty Bag Included