Olverum The Body Oil


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An indulgent oil promising a relaxing and revitalizing experience for body and spirit. Our unique formulation contains over 30 sustainably sourced botanical oils and extracts and essential oils and is designed to leave the skin feeling smooth, plumped and rejuvenated. 100 ml bottle


Benefits: With its classic fouler fragrance, blending citrus, herbaceous and woody notes, the Body Oil features the skin superfoods Raspberry Seed Oil and Poppy Seed Oil. These singular extracts are excellent sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, essential for maintaining the moisture, softness, and elasticity of the skin. This sense of suppleness is further enhanced by the aquatic botanical Alaria Esculenta Extract. Coconut Extract seals in moisture while fair trade Shea Butter Esters and Shea Butter Oil provide a deep cushioning effect, giving skin a renewed and satin smooth sensation.


Directions for Use: Apply to cleansed, damp skin and massage lightly, paying attention to drier areas such as the knees and elbows. To help calm the mind, cup your hands around your nose and breathe deeply.